9 Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool on a Walk

Not much beats a long walk in the sunshine with a dog, but in the heat of summer, heat stroke is a real threat. These tips, illustrated by a vary patient Shadow, will help you to keep your dog cool and safe on long walks.

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Cut It Out! Cropping and Docking

Spoiler Warning: Believe it or not, this post makes reference to Game of Thrones series 6 episode 9 – consider yourselves warned!

Cropped ears and docked tails are so often seen, particularly in countries where the practice is unrestricted, that they seem to have become ‘normal’ features of certain breeds. In fact, a Canadian study found that 42% of participants could not explain why dogs that had been docked and cropped had short tails and ears. That’s why I’m going to start this post by explaining what cropping and docking actually involves.

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